Space Marines

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Primaris Inceptors

Primaris Aggressors

Primaris Librarian


3rd Company, Squad 2

Primaris Intercessors


Primaris Lieutenant Zakariah

3rd Company, Squad 1

Primaris Intercessors


Razorback Squadron of 3 vehicles

Rhino Squadron of 3 vehicles


Azrael, Supreme Grand Master



Company Master



Banner Bearer


Veteran / Fallen Squad # 2


Veteran / Fallen Squad # 1


Devastator Squad


Assault Squad


Land Speeder


The Ravenwing

Squadron Arion from the box set Dark Vengeance

3rd Company

1st Squad


3rd Company

3rd Squad



Interrogator- Chaplain


3rd Company

2nd Squad


Terminater Captain

The client requested that I did not base the figures.

Terminater Chaplain

Terminater Sergeant


Commander Dante

Lord of the Blood Angels




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